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bajki murzyńskie

Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków 1959, 120 x 170 mm, nakład 7000 + 205 egz.

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  1. Murzyńskie bajki rulez !!!!!

    A oto jedna z nich:

    Long, long time ago, in Kaana Galilejska, maybe somewhere in Africa…
    Jesus „I’m not Christ” was showing how to rush „bimber”. It’s hard to learn, but if you learn it, you would never be thirsty again. So Jesus was showing how to change water into wine and everyone were happy. If they weren’t happy they could be killed. So they were happy. When everyone were drunk they start to ate cats, but you know it’s hard to find cat on desert so they start to eat kangaroos, but they weren’t in Australia, so they can’t meet Aborigens and then someone said: „we heve to stop smoking guys, my mom is trying to enter here !”. Then my head EXPLODE. We were drunk, all of us got highed. That was terrible. But we shoot his mum by ours AK-47, we’re black, we’re Afro so we gonna kill some chickens for dinner or we’re goung to eat rats again.
    And everyone were happy except rats, because we can’t find chickens…

    „terms used in this comment are reserved
    for any person who want use them”

    Any time I read afro fairy tales i meet Jesus „but not Christ” in my dreams, he became true and he’s still alive !!!!!
    Jesus „but not Christ” have showed me how to rush wine from water… That was so exciting !!!!! Every night i bless him for that skill. I never ever go somewhere with less than 2 litres of my homemade „bimber”.

    „terms used in this comment are reserved
    for any person who want use them”

    Jeśli kogoś uraziłem to bardzo przepraszam.


    Comment by Uluru — 15 lipca 2009 @ 01:50

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